I’m a college student in my mid-twenties living in the Bay Area. I love reading, learning (especially about religion, feminism, culture, philosophy, etc.), arguing, video games, Star Trek, suspenders, coffee, and pistachio ice cream.

I chose the pen name “Sophia”, and here’s why: I read the Bible a long time ago because I was curious, and Proverbs chapter 8 caught my eye. It refers to a personification of wisdom, but some translations simply use the Greek word for wisdom: Sophia. Thus the title of this blog, Theosophia, literally means “god-wisdom”.

When I first read the Quran, around the end of June in 2010, I was deeply moved. I came to the decision that further investigation was required. Since then, I have been devouring books about Islam, reading websites about everything from Muslim spirituality to current events and politics, and just trying to learn all that I can. My plan was to spend a year researching Islam and, if it still felt right, convert. I finally decided not to convert to Islam, but to continue seeking God. My new plan is to study any and every religion and belief that interests me, to try to see life in a numinous light.

This blog is meant as a space for me to express my thoughts and feelings on this journey, a journal to help me understand myself better, and a place for me to discuss things with others who are on their own journeys with God.