Sorry folks ;)

Its been awhile, I know. I’ve been very busy and I just haven’t had a ton of extra time or energy. On the plus side, I feel like I’m right on the edge of epiphany in my spiritual life. My religious views seem to be taking a wild left turn. I think it will turn out to be a good thing, though. As crazy as things have been lately, I’ve been really happy. I’m still broke, still facing some major relationship problems, even more major trouble is looming with my mother and sisters, and somehow I am still most illogically happy. Its not that I don’t feel sorrow or pain, I do! Very deeply, in some instances. But somehow I know it will all be ok. Its like I’m able to feel everything, but in the deepest part of me I feel safe. Its not constant, to be sure – I still freak out now and then. But its like since I finally know its there, I think I’ll always know.

Sorry to get all weird and sappy on ya’ll, but there it is.

I will not be blogging so often, as I’m guessing you’ve already noticed. But I’m not gone either! Fair warning: I’m probably going to be posting on some stuff next that’s got absolutely nothing to do with Islam, and adding new links too. So those readers who only come here for Islam-related content: enjoy the archives! The rest of you (if there are any left): my thoughts lately have been going in a bit more… primitive? Right now I’m spending a lot of time reading and absorbing new info, so we’ll see what conclusions I reach. But right now, I’m reexamining… bum bum buuuuum… Paganism! Gasp! Not polytheism, per se, because I really don’t feel drawn to the idea of multiple deities. But I’m not sure I’m a monotheist either, strictly speaking. I feel like maybe I might be more of a panentheist. Tune in next time! (like, in a few weeks or so)


6 responses to “Sorry folks ;)

  1. Good luck Sophia! Hopefully you find what you need.

  2. Just yesterday at work I was bookmarking Pagan links with the intention to learn more about it and potentially adopt part of the way of life. I’m going through something so similar to what you seem to be going through it will be interesting to ready what you end up coming up with.
    Married to a Muslim though I feel like it’s close to impossible to imagine that I could one day have things figured out and be honest about it especially when I’m falling away from the belief in a personal God. Lately I mostly believe in a driving force/creating force and I like to think of it as one. But it’s still far from the idea of God in monotheistic religions. Gah

    Good luck with everything!

    • I’ve been tooling around on Witchvox a lot lately, you might have some success there too. There’s a lot of bs to wade through, but theirs some great articles if you have the fortitude to hunt them down.

  3. Wow, sounds interesting!! I’m glad you are happy these days. 🙂

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