I Feel Like I’m Taking Crazy Pills

I had a conversation with a coworker about SlutWalk, during which I stated that while I was a little uncomfortable with the name, I liked the overall message. To which my coworker replied, “Well, some women do bring them on themselves when they dress a certain way.” Uh huh. And then went on to claim that women had it better in the ’50s. Because “they didn’t have to work so hard”. After the sensation of having a minor stroke passed, I started to point out that just because during our past women couldn’t get the same jobs as men (or vote, or go to college, or be considered an actual human being… but I digress), doesn’t mean they didn’t “work so hard”. But I began to fear the conversation would become heated quickly, so we changed the topic.

This is why you don’t talk about anything controversial at work.


5 responses to “I Feel Like I’m Taking Crazy Pills

  1. I love that picture! Wow, what a conversation. :-/

  2. Love the picture as well.


    Those kind of people just drive me NUTS. I really cannot comprehend that mentality AT ALL.

    • I know! And I don’t want to preach to her about it, she’s entitled to her opinion. I just don’t know how to discuss it without coming off as righteous or condescending, so I just avoid it now.

  3. It’s so frustrating! My husband is one of those idiots and it just bugs me so much to have such a close relationship with someone who believes such crap!
    My position that women *should* dress with a bit more self-respect comes after the more basic belief that men should simply not assault/attack/rape/oppress women! It’s like my position that it’s a good idea to put a lock on your bike comes after my basic belief that people should not steal it either way.

    • Ugh. I think women should dress out of respect for themselves too, not for others… which includes rapists. I mean, you don’t tell victims of auto-theft that they should drive a shittier-looking car!

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