Faith War – I heart “This American Life”

I love this radio show! This segment is about a “war” between a father and son over their views on religion. My favorite part is the bit about Star Trek. You can listen to the entire show here. (The act I’m talking about starts roughly 8 1/2 minutes into the show).
What it teaches me is that religion doesn’t have to make sense. If you look at any religion with a critical eye, they will all fail to meet expectations. Every single one. This doesn’t need to result in rejection of religion, in general or in particular. Truth can exist even in the absence of logic. Any religion, philosophy, or theory that seeks truth is bound to stumble on it somewhere. I think the problem is, regardless of whether we adhere to religious belief or not, we tend to define religion as the answer: I think religion is just part of  the question. Different religion’s (or whathaveyou) just ask in different ways.
In an earlier post I claimed I was not part of any religion. At this point, I think perhaps it would be marginally more accurate to say I hope to identify with all religions, as I believe each will bring me closer to the truth.

One response to “Faith War – I heart “This American Life”

  1. I agree about religion not having to make sense. As you stated, if often doesn’t! Is it because our logic is warped or the other way around? 🙂

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