The Comment Dilemma

I have created a Comment Policy page at the top of this website, which I will be enforcing from now on. Please read the policy before commenting. I haven’t decided whether to apply these rules retroactively and delete/edit past posts. Feedback on that decision would be appreciated.


6 responses to “The Comment Dilemma

  1. I completely understand why you have to have a comment policy (I decided to make mine before I start getting the really nasty comments, though InshaAllah I’ll never have to actually use it). Whether you delete comments from the past depends on your reason for doing so, if it’s worth the effort or not. I don’t think I would do it personally, but I do understand why you might want to.

    • Thanks, I would like it to simply not be an issue, but I feel things have gotten out of hand. I’m trying not to alienate anyone, but some of the comments have gotten so hateful! I don’t want anyone to be censored, but at the same time I don’t want to enable bigots and offend other readers.

      I don’t think I will delete older comments, even though they’re pretty bad at times. Hiding ugliness doesn’t make it go away.

  2. Salam sophia,
    I read your comment policy and i think its good that you’re being strict in your page. Seems like it is a very good policy, i respect that and if i would come with overflowing comment like you have in yours, i might write my own comment policy too…its understandable people can get a tad carried away with emotional with a certain topic, so i fully agree that regardless of our ‘enthusiasm’ we should always be aware at all cost of what we are going to say, the consequences and is there a better way to say it. In regards to your older posting, you could let it be as it is just to prove a point what drove you to write your own commenting policy. just my 1 cents…
    continue with your mind provoking-brain nudging blog entry, i enjoyed it so much that you’re really pushing yourself and everyone around you to think…InsyaAllah, fear greys out the love…pursue what you think is right, may God be with you.

    • “In regards to your older posting, you could let it be as it is just to prove a point what drove you to write your own commenting policy. ”

      Thats an excellent point that didn’t occur to me. I think I will keep them, I just worried they might be too offensive. Still, I tried to rebut all of those comments, so hopefully offended readers will see I tried to at least present alternate views.

      I’m glad you’re enjoying the blog, Hajar! It means a lot to hear it. Hopefully I’ll have some new stuff next week (I have midterms this week, so I’m trying to limit my time on the internet).

  3. Hi sophia,
    InsyaAllah, it seems that you’re handling it rather well. Of course, alternatives are good to let your readers have their own choice to make with their words. As for your midterms, May it goes with flying colours, hope it is made easy for you. May you’re well prepared for it, and May God give you the patience and strength to go through it. Good Luck is a bit far fetched, when you put something so much effort on luck, lol. So, I hope all your preparation and effort gives you nothing but good news, insyaAllah. *hugs for the exam nerve if u have them*

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