On the Matter of My Nom de Plume

I chose the name Sophia when I was reading about people taking “Muslim” names when they convert. There’s a lot of debate on whether such a thing is necessary, on whether it has to be an Arab name or not, etc. My opinion is that it’s not needed, but it might be beneficial. I also don’t think it has to be from any particular nationality. I decided that IF I converted and IF I wanted a name to reflect that, it would be Sophia – thus the name of the blog. I read the Bible a long time ago because I was curious, and Proverbs chapter 8 caught my eye. It refers to a personification of wisdom, but some translations simply use the Greek word for wisdom: Sophia. Thus the title of this blog, Theosophia, literally means “god-wisdom”.

I’m reading a fascinating book right now; No God but God: The Origins, Evolution, and Future of Islam by Reza Aslan. I hope to write more on this book, but there was a section I read recently that just about made my heart skip a beat:
“Others have suggested that Sufi is a corruption of the Greek word sophia: “wisdom”. This is also unlikely, though there is a tempting symbolic connection between the two words. For if sophia is to be understood in its Aristotelian sense as “knowledge of ultimate things,” then it is very much related to the term Sufi, just not linguistically.”

How ’bout that! I definitely want to study more about Sufism, but I have been trying to ground myself in “the basics” of Islam first. I feel kinda bad… I have read half a dozen books about Islam in the past two months, and I still haven’t finished the Quran! Part of the problem is I just bounced around reading whatever section caught my attention, then researching the meaning and history behind certain difficult verses, taking some notes, and bouncing around some more. I decided a few weeks ago to start over from the beginning to make sure I don’t miss anything… and I’m only 1/4 of the way through! Oh well, after I finish the book I’m on I’ll pick up where I left off… at least now I’m keeping track.

8 responses to “On the Matter of My Nom de Plume

  1. hi,purpose of lifehttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OeIH1hA3vsE

  2. Nice blog!I remember reading that book and loving it! Aslan is a great writer, and I especially love what he writes about women and Islam.

  3. Thank you, and welcome! I'm a big fan of your blog! I did like Aslan's writing style, although I kinda wish he had cited his sources a little better. Still, it was an engrossing read.

  4. thanx for the comment!it was weird i've never been checked out by a girl before.xxanya

  5. You should check out his interviews on Jon Stewart! He's hilarious (and reaaally cute)!

  6. No worries, Anya! I can see how it could be uncomfortable… but all it means is that your a hot mama!You know Cairo, I think I did see an interview with him once but I didn't make the connection… I thought his face looked familiar!

  7. I'm reading that Reza Aslan book now and find it enjoyable thus far. I like why you chose Sophia! Nice reasons! :)I read the Quran straight through earlier this year. It took about a month since I tried to take notes and post them on my blog. I didn't use commentary though so that would have taken much longer. Best wishes in all your reading! 🙂

  8. Thanks Susanne! I must check out your blog!

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