Technical Difficulties

Ok, so it seems blogger has made some changes to comment moderation, and for some weird reason this means that I am unable to post comments on my own blog! I don’t know if it is affecting other people who leave comments or just me. I reported the problem to blogger yesterday… hopefully they will eventually get back to me. Until then, please don’t take it personally if I don’t respond to comments immediately.

Also (because apparently it bears repeating) – absolutely no anonymous comments will be published on this blog. In order to avoid confusion, those who wish to leave comments will need to put a name on their comment so readers can identify who’s who. For now, I will manually reject any comments left anonymously and they will never be read. If needed I will simply eliminate the option altogether, but I thought I’d be nice to those people who don’t want to create a google account just to leave a comment.

On a completely different note: Good luck to those of you fasting for Ramadan! I hope you all have a blessed month!

2 responses to “Technical Difficulties

  1. Yay! I can comment again! I had to switch to the pop-up version which I don't like as much, but since blogger STILL hasn't gotten back to me 😡 it will have to do.Dear seeker… very interesting video. It can be hard sometimes to realize that some of the things that we hold as fundamental to our identity – our upbringing, our values – can actually hinder us from learning. Letting go of our attachment to our worldview and trying to understand other cultures or religions without judgement is challenging. I like that she emphasized studying as something a truth seeker tries to do.

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